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Not Poor Enough, Not Depressed Enough, Not Abused Enough →


By Clementine Bastow


Dear Young Person:

You are eight years old. Your aunt has given you a biscuit tin full of antique costume jewelry: there are Venetian glass beads and gold filigree things and tiny little snuff boxes set with enamel flowers. Even the tin itself is beautiful, covered…

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Some beautiful typography and signage from Sideshow Sign Co..

(via iliketype)

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Jeremiah Nelson - Whittier →



We’ve been listening to Jeremiah Nelson for a good while, but for whatever reason haven’t posted about him beyond featuring a song on a mix back in 2012. He also played on John Statz's album Old Fashioned, so we covered him in a round-about way here too.

In fact, it was Statz who…

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